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Combo attacks.. Empty Combo attacks..

Post by mi0sev on Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:33 pm

""Guys, any suggestions of what is the best combination of military offensively?""

We have this combo attack on my other account on another world, hehehe, it works really good, very effective:

mortars/catapults/rams = wall breaking units

swordsman/marksmen/bombardiers = assault units

here are some attack tips (for ground attacks only). If done properly your units will get a huge, extra bonus.

1.) 1st wave, send in all your wall breaching units, as much as possible. Those units are your mortars/catapults/rams. Every wall breached is equal to 1 wall level negated. Send in your cooks too, for added stamina. (Doctors works only half of machinas ^^).

2.) 2nd wave, send in all assault attacking units. Your swordsman/marksmen/bombardiers, depends on how much you have breached the walls (on how many wall breaking units you have sent on the 1st wave). You can receive a bonus of 10% to 300% damage. send in all doctors too, to lessen casualties.

This usually works on wall breakers and assault units.. great combo i tell you..

Steam Giants are good at both defense and offense but still i'll go for the above combo.. I don't usually do battle on water so im not going to advice on naval battles.

hope this helped you out..

Comments and suggestions are welcome for discussions here.


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